27 HOLES / PAR 108 / 10,392 YARDS
Fukuoka, Japan


Chikushigaoka Golf Club Logo
CourseChikushigaoka Golf Club
Holes / Par 27 Holes/Par 108
Yards10,392 Yards
DesignerHatsuchi Akira
Max. golfers / Group4
Closed on 1 Jan
TournamentI Golf Shaper Challenge in CHIKUSHIGAOKA (2018-19)
Golf CartShared with 2 & 5 (included caddie)
Golf SetJPY 3,000 (excluded TAX)
Golf ShoesJPY 1,000 (excluded TAX)
Driving RangeYes (50 yards)
Bath / Hot SpringYes/ No
Tee Box/ FairwayKorea
LocationFukuoka, Nakagawa City
Distance4 km, 10 min from JR, Hakata-Minami Station
6.5 km, 15 min from Notame I.C., Fukuoka Urban Expressway


Chikushiogaka Golf Club is located in Nakagawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture. It takes 15 minutes from Notame IC of Fukuoka Urban Expressway by car, 10 minutes from Hakata Minami Station of the JR Kyushu Shinkansen by car, 30 minutes from Fukuoka City by car.

The course, opened in 1976, is located on the south lush hill that Dazaifu City and Fukuoka City can be seen. And the back sides are beautiful mountains such as Mt.Homan, Mt.Kusenbu and Mt.Sefuri.

The course is total 10,392 yards, 27 holes, PAR 108 and it takes advantage of nature. It was designed by Akira Hocchi and the concept is the words of Bobby Jones “Give the pleasure to as many players as possible.”. The course is quite challenging and it can be enjoyed from beginners to professionals. The secret to get a good score is how well get over the doglegs.

The North Course 5th hole is 424 yards par-4. It is little uphill and dogleg to the left, and bunkers are placed along the course. At the second shot point, the fairway is 2-tiered but you should better aim from the top of the fairway on the left side. The green is also 2-tiered, and the left side is surrounded by bunkers and the right side is surrounded by mounds. Depending on the position of the pin, club selection and putting become quite difficult. The clubhouse and Mt.Kusenbu can be seen from the tea-house and you can relax. The 6th par-5 hole is S-shaped exciting hole. Despite the beautiful view, there are many various difficulties from the second shot point to the green. Bunkers are separated 3 area and they always blocks when you shot. So it requires the real golfer’s courage. At the teeing shot, the aim point is the right side of the bunker in front. At the second shot, the green is long vertically and it becomes difficult if you cross over the green. So you should better shot to the right as if you were to bump the ball to the embankment. At the third shot, the point is to approach to become the putting easy.

The West Course 7th hole is 390 yards par-4 and it is S-shaped hole shot towards Mt.Homan and Dazaifu City.

At the teeing shot, there is a valley and the halfway point is flat. At the second shot, it is difficult because the downhill is 3-tiered. So you should aim the left side to avoid the right bunker at the teeing shot. As the 3-tiered green is surrounded by five bunkers and the slope is low to the right front, it is important where to drop the ball on the green. The 9th hole is 608 yards par-5. There are Japanese cypress forest and a fairway bunker on the left forward of the teeing ground. If you throw the ball into the forest, you have to get prepared to get one penalty. The aim point of first shot is the right side. The direction is important because the green can not be seen at the second shot. As the green guarded with 3 bunkers has subtle undulation, the approach shot should be careful. The ball speed on the green changes according to the pin position, and the putting also should be careful.

The South Course 8th hole is a long par-4 hole. It is gradual downhill and it has the great view. So you can enjoy golfing to the fullest. The aim point of the teeing shot is the center of fairway because there are a pond on the left side and a valley on the right side. The second shot has a distance but the green is wide and there is a bunker in right front of the green, so the aim point is the left side of the green. As the slope of the green is low to the front from the left back, you have to predict the movement of the ball according to the pin position.


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