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Mt.Fuji area & Hakone Information

Mt. Fuji area includes Hakone, Gotenba and Fuji Five lakes across the 3 prefectures, Kanagawa, Shizuoka and Yamanashi, having beloved by Japanese since the old days. There are not only many excellent and challenging courses, but also hotels, hot springs, restaurants, outlet mall and more. This area where is a holy and something special place for Japanese has developed many spectacular scenic golf courses. Unlike some of Japan’s other golf resorts, the top of Mt. Fuji could be seen from the most of golf courses located in this area. It’s a place to golf, relax, take a stroll, visit lakes, go shopping to outlet mall and enjoy the unique experience of golfing in Japan.

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Taiheiyo Golf Club, Gotemba course opened in 1977, hosts PGA tour, Taiheiyo Visa Masters for many years and each holes are separated with beautiful forests. Taiheiyo Golf Club, Gotemba West course, opened in 1998 is located nearby, has accommodations with natural hot-spring facility. Both courses is worthy of being chosen as Gotenba premier championship golf courses. Five hundred Golf Club managed by Tokyu group, is a longing and distinguished golf course for most golfers without doubt.Tomei Country Club opened in 1968, owned by Golf Digest-sha, known to be a venue of LPGA tour of Staley Ladies. Susono Country Club with 18 holes managed by Resol group is known as a host course of PGA senior tour of FANCEL Classic. Both FujiZakura Country Club which is a venue of PGA tour “Fuji Sankei Classic” and Fuji lake Country Club located in Yamanashi prefecture are chosen top 50 course in Japan. Hakone Country Club and Daihakone Country Club hosts LPGA tour “CAT Ladies” are also worthy of playing in Hakone.

The other golf courses in this area are worth the drive into the mountains to experience some of Mt. Fuji’s most spectacular scenery.

It takes only 50 minutes by Shinkansen super express from Tokyo station to Mishima station, and there are a number of parkland and hilly golf courses built along rivers, lakes, dense forests, hills and mountains. Golfjapan can make arrangements for you to play at all the Mt. Fuji area golf courses, as well as these lesser known golf courses.

Whether you’re traveling with friends or your family, there is something for everyone while escaping to a Mt. Fuji golf holiday. The beautiful mountain ranges are mesmerizing and offer expansive views that can only be taken in properly, from a leisurely stroll in the forest. This destination’s relaxed nightlife and tourism also beckons travelers in a wide range of ages. Come and enjoy the culture and exciting Mt. Fuji area golf on a number of the best greens throughout all of Japan.

A Mt. Fuji golf vacation offers some opportunity for customized options with each tour package. Visit the beautiful country of Japan and spend plenty of time enjoying a favorite hobby with friends, business associates, and family. Looking for a vacation with a different itinerary? Then choose us for golf holidays abroad in Mt. Fuji area, Japan that are unparalleled when compared with many other popular golf-tourist destinations.

Course Stay at Taiheiyo Club 4D/3N

Taiheiyo Gotenba West course located in Gotenba city in Shizuoka prefecture, is highly evaluated by many golfers. Its refined accommodation facility equipped with hot spring spa has a good reputation as well.

Golf Break in Hakone 3D/2N

Mt. Fuji area is known as mountain resort, hot springs, lakes, cleanness of air & water. There are many excellent and challenging golf courses which held professional tournament. Beautiful Mt. Fuji can be seen during your round.

Best of Golf in Mt. Fuji 5D/4N

Mt. Fuji area is known as mountain resort, hot springs, lakes, cleanness of air & water and there are many excellent and challenging golf course which held professional tournament. needles to say, beautiful Mt. Fuji can be seen during your round.