27 HOLES / PAR 108 / 10,276 YARDS
Saitama, Japan


Kuni Country Club Logo
CourseKuni Country Club
Holes / Par 27 Holes/Par 108
Yards10,276 Yards
DesignerSEIBU Railway
Max. golfers / Group4
Closed on 31 Dec
Golf CartShared with 5 (INC  Caddie)
Golf SetJPY 2,000   (excluded TAX)  
Golf ShoesJPY 500   (excluded TAX)
Driving RangeYes
Bath / Hot SpringYes/ No
Tee Box/ FairwayKorea
LocationSaitama, Hanno-city
Distance5 min from Hanno Station, JR & Seibu Ikebukuro Line
10 min from Sayama-Hidaka I.C. Kenou-do Mortorway


The Kuni Country Club is located in Hanno City, Saitama Prefecture. It takes about 12 minutes from Sayama Hidaka IC of Ken-o expressway by car, 10 minutes from Hanno Station of JR Hachiko Line and Seibu Shinjuku Line by car. The course, opened in 1964, is composed of the East Course, the West Course and the North Course (total 27 holes). The course was designed by Seibu Railway and it is a representative course of Seibu group that it is placed on the ideal gently hilly area. The course name originates from Kuninomiya the royal family name. This place had been used to hunt. The scenery of the course separated by red pines shows the beauty of a golf course that has been used for over 50 years. The calm Japanese landscape provides a strategy in playing. The location of the Musashino hill gives the whole course an appropriate and natural up-and-down, and each hole is unique. The natural forest separates each holes, and ponds and bunkers are positioned strategically. So it is required more accuracy than distance. It is said to be the interesting course no matter how many times you play. You can swing the club comfortably because there is hardly visual pressure at the teeing shot. All players from beginners to professional can enjoy golfing at the course.

First of all, the 6th hole of the East Course is one of the most famous holes in this course. It is a little long par-4 hole that 427 yards from the blue tee. The scenery is quite beautiful that a large pond can be seen in front from the teeing ground. On the right side, the top of the mountain is out of bounds, and on the left side, there is a pond at 220 yards point, so the direction is important. If you want to go safety, you should avoid the pond on the left side and aim at the right side. But you must be careful that if you curve the ball too much, the tall tree on the right side of the green will get in the way from your second shot. If you are aiming for par or birdie, you should aim for the left side boldly. Because of the slope of the back of the green is steep, you should be careful the approach shot not to over the green. The 8th hole is a par-3 hole of 178 yards. There is a pond on the right side of the teeing ground, and the green is guarded by 4 bunkers. As the bunker on the right front has a deep dent, you should better avoid it if possible.

The 7th hole of the North Course is a par-5 hole of 591 yards. The right side of the fairway is only 240 yards, so if you are a long hitter, you should aim over the tree with a high ball or aim at the left side. From the second shot, it becomes uphill and it will be difficult to get a par if it goes into the bunker on the left side of the green. The 9th par-4 448 yards hole is the dogleg to the right. At the teeing shot, it is important to drop the ball on the fairway. At the second shot, you should better avoid the bunker on the right side of the green and not crossing over the green. The accuracy of the second shot is quite important because it affects the score.

The 5th hole of the West Course is par-5 hole of 580 yards. The top of the mountain on the left side is out of bounds, but the left side is the best aiming position at the teeing shots. There are the fairway bunker and the forest on the right side. If your ball get into the forest, it is difficult to get out. So you should better avoid them. As the back of the green is a slope, it is better to aim it from the front. The 7th 186 yards par-3 hole is a downhill. There is a 16 meter difference in height, and the club selection is very important.

The clubhouse has been completely renovated and it is truly a functional flagship course.


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