36 HOLES / PAR 144 / 13,872 YARDS
Shizuoka, Japan


Katsuragi Golf Club logo
CourseKatsuragi Golf Club
Holes / Par 36 Holes/Par 144
Yards13,872 Yards (K Green)
DesignerInoue Seiichi
Max. golfers / Group4
Closed on Open everyday, Closed NOV- MAR
TournamentLPGA, Yamaha Ladies Open
Golf CartShared with 5 (INC. Caddie)
Golf SetJPY 2,000   (excluded TAX)  
Golf ShoesJPY 500      (excluded TAX)
Driving RangeYes
Bath / Hot SpringYes/ No
Tee Box/ FairwayKorea
LocationShizuoka, Fukuroi city
Distance30 min from JR Kakegawa Station
3 km, 5 min from Mori-Kakegawa I.C., Shin Tomei Expressway


Katsuragi Golf Club is located in Fukuroi City, Shizuoka Prefecture. It takes 5 minutes from Morikakegawa IC of the New Tomei Expressway by car, 30 minutes from Kakegawa Station of the Shinkansen by car. The course, opened in 1976, owned by YAMAHA, is a great championsip course located in warm climate area all over the year. It is designed by Seichi Inoue who is a famous designer. He inherited the belief of British designer Charles Hugh Alison, and he designed the challenging course used the natural topography with each golf player will be satisfied. This course is composed of a challenging course “Yamana Course” and a vast and flat course “Ugari Course”.

Yamana Course hosts LPGA event “Yamaha Ladies Open Katsuragi”. And the exciting games can be seen every year. The course is quite challenging course because the ponds and the bunkers are very characteristic. And it is surrounded by the beautiful forest and the beautiful sea Enshunada also can be seen. It will give you a new pleasure no matter how many times you have rounded the course.

The 2nd par-4 hole is the most difficult hole. It is dogleg to the right and the right side and the left side are out of bounds. There are two main ways to round the course. One is the shortcut with a pond in right front of the teeing ground, the other is the left side fairway. If you have high skills, you should select shortcut. The green is raised green and its right side and left side are bunkers. It is important to aim the center of the green. The 4th hole is par-3 hole with a beautiful pond. Both the pond and the green are seen at the same time, but don’t be afraid because the green is large. You should better shot straight. There are a water hazard and guard bunkers in front of the green. The accuracy of distance and direction is required. As the slope of the green is low to the front, it is difficult to shot from the back side of the green. The 6th hole is a famous hole that there are 10 bunkers. You should aim the left side to avoid the bunkers on the right side, and be careful of the bunkers around the green. If your shot flys to the right side, it becomes difficult to get a par because the slope is steep and there is forest. You should better check the pin position in advance because the green can not be seen from the second shot area. The 12th par-4 hole is the downhill hole and it has water hazards. The stream across the course from the left side to 60-70 yards point in front of the green is the water hazard. The fairway is relatively wide but you have to be careful of the stream and the pond. If you are worried about distance, you should lay up at the second shot. The 15th hole is the S-shaped par-5 hole and there are 13 bunkers. As 5 bunkers are placed at the drop point of the teeing shot, it requires more the accuracy than the distance. It is better to aim the fairway of bunker direction than to aim the right side valley to avoid the bunker. As the distance is relatively short, it is important to keep the fairway  of the second shot.

Ugari course is the large scale 18 holes emphasize rhythm and accents such as long holes and complicated holes. The 2nd par-4 hole is a very long dogleg to the right. The aim point of the teeing shot is the little left side from the fairway center. As you will use FW or UT in the second shot, you don’t have to aim to get on the green in two shot. Because of there are no bunkers in this hole, you can aim to get a par with third approach shot. The 5th par-4 hole is a high level of difficulty. Although the distance is short, the fairway is quite narrow because the bunkers are placed on both the left and right sides. The green is a raised green surrounded by bunkers. The 9th par-5 hole is the longest hole in Katsuragi Golf Club. As the right side out of bounds line continues to the green from the teeing area, you should better aim the left side. The 11th par-4 hole is a difficult dogleg to the right. You should note the pond on the right corner because it is out of bounds. If you aim the little left side from the fairway center, the second shot will become easy. The approach shot to the raised green requires acuuracy of both distance and direction. The 15th hole is a par-3 hole and the green is surrounded by bunkers. As the left side of B green and the right side of K green are out of bounds, it is wise to aim at the center of the green with attention to the distance.

The clubhouse provides a relaxing time and height quality foods. The service of the staff is first-class and it promises you a fulfilling day. There is an extraordinary hotel “Katsuragi Hotel Kitanomaru” on the premises. The building relocated the old folk house with history has a luxurious space and the traditional beauty of Japan. You can enjoy the craftmanship and Japanese sensitivity.


Score Card

     YAMANA    123456789TOTAL
     YAMANA    101112131415161418TOTAL
       UGARI      123456789TOTAL