18 HOLES / PAR 70 / 5,711 YARDS
Shizuoka, Japan


CourseKawana Golf Course, Oshima Course
Holes / Par 18 Holes/Par 70
Yards5,711 Yards
DesignerOtani Mitsuaki
Max. golfers / Group4
Closed on Open everyday
Golf CartShared with 4
Golf SetJPY 6,000   (excluded TAX)  
Golf ShoesJPY 1,000   (excluded TAX)
Driving RangeYes
Bath / Hot SpringYes/ No
Tee Box/ FairwayZoysia
LocationShizuoka, Ito city
Distance15 min from JR Ito Station
54 km from Odawara Nishi I.C. ,Odawara-Atsugi Motorway


Kawana Golf Club is a hilly course located along the shore in Kawana,  Ito City, Shizuoka Prefecture. The Oshima course, opened in 1928, is older than the Fuji course, and designed by Mitsuaki Otani who is said to be the “Father of Japanese golf.” Otani was born in 1885 as the third son of the 21st head priest of Kyoto Nishi Honganji. He is a Champion of the 16th Japan Amateur Golf Championship held in 1922. He participated in the friendly match in a pair with the crown prince(Showa Emperor) when British Prince of Wales(Edward 8th) came to Japan. He made an effort to establish the Japan Golf Association(JGA) and he translated rules to Japanese to make foundation of Japanese golf. In addition, he designed many representative courses of Japan such as Nagoya Golf Club Wago Course and Tokyo Golf Club.

Oshima course is a self-play style with a golf cart with GPS navigation. Each 18 hole is given a nickname derive from the characteristics of the course, the topography, the history of the area, and the historical background. This course is using 9 holes as 18 holes by changing the position of the teeing ground. Each hole has a swell on the fairway, and there are considerable ups and downs. Lucky or unlucky is depending on the drop point. But it is important to play keeping calm without an emotional roller coaster. The 4th hole called “Good Bye” has a valley in the fairway, a cliff on the left side, and the sea under the valley. If you are too conscious to these hazards, the ball is sucked into the sea. The 6th hole called “S.O.S” has a deep swamp under your eyes when you stand on the teeing ground, so perhaps you will be afraid. The 13th hole called “VENI VIDI VICI” is the Ceaser’s affair, and it means “Come, See, Win”. When you stand on the hole, you will be able to understand the meaning. On the whole, Oshima course is impregnable because it has many slopes, narrow fairways,  blinds and valleys.


Score Card

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